What Is The Aryan Race?

More than a century after the defeat of Nazism and fascism the extreme right now challenges the liberal order of Western democracies. The outbreak of neo-Nazism and white supremacy in some countries has exposed the public symbol of the concept and ideology that originated in Nazi Germany and fascist movements of the Holocaust era. The extreme right itself has given the liberal hegemony of the middle class a lifespan it does not deserve.

The attack on the US Capitol on January 6 featured neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and white symbols, several of which glorified the Holocaust. The leaders of today’s Neo-Nazis and white supremacist organizations are not Adolf Hitler and this country is not Germany, but to understand their agendas it is vital to understand the history of codes, symbols, and ideologies.

These words had a huge impact and created an environment in which persecution and violence were acceptable. The National Socialist view of the superiority of the Aryan race and the inferiority of other races (Slavists, blacks, gypsies, and Jews at the lower end of the scale) became the basis of German national social policy after Hitler became Chancellor of the Fuhr. This policy was an important factor in Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the U.S.SR, which led to the Holocaust and the murder of many millions of people, including 6 million Jews.

In recent decades the term ethnic cleansing has been used as a euphemism for driving a group of people from their homes and killing them to create a purely territorial group. The Aryan race is a historical racial concept that emerged in the late 19th century to describe people of Indo-European heritage as a racial grouping. The term is derived from the idea that the original speakers of Indo-European languages and their descendants still constitute a distinctive race, a subgroup of the Caucasian race.

The Indo-Europeans left behind Stonehenge, traces of writing systems, paintings, and themselves and their society. All over the world, people speak languages that originate from them, and we have surviving examples of proto-Indo-Europeans. Spontaneous civilization is found in the Yellow Race, but Aryan blood is exhausted and stagnation occurs.

In other words, the Ani is probably the result of several migrations, including the migration of Indo-European speakers. This alone does not disprove the arrival of the Indo-Europeans, but it suggests a genetic link between the ANI and the Central Asians. This connection may seem a stretch but there are reasons to use this to argue that the two groups arrived in India tens of thousands of years ago, before migration is said to have taken place, between 4,000 and 3,500 years ago.

This profound event of population mixing occurred 2,000 to 4,000 years ago, which corresponds to the time of the emergence of Rigveda, the oldest Hindu religious text and one of the oldest literary works in the world, essentially describing a mixed society, according to He: “In the same time frame we see Indo-European speakers from Europe spreading to South Asia and causing major population changes.

The Nazis turned the Aryan race into a conduit for nationalism and populism and fused them with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. In the aftermath of World War II, many fascists saw UFO sightings as a sign that the Nazis ruled the world. Today, Aryans are summoned by numerous motley groups, from the New Agers and neo-fascists of Europe to the racial realists of the United States, whose language has moved a few steps to the right since Richard Dawkins.

In the book, Black Sun examines the new neo-fascist ideology and shows how hate groups, militias, conspiracies, and sects are trying to gain influence. Goodrick and Clarke catalog the ideologies, stories, and personalities that appeal to these groups, most of which see young white men as their most receptive audience. The book concludes with a review of Christian identity and its allies in racial paganism.

When the cult of San Muerte appeared in the American prison system, the Hispanic and black Aryan fraternities realized that they had more in common than with the federal government, which positioned itself in the brutal chaos as the last line of defense for the nice middle class.

When officials began separating state prisons from federal prisons in the 1960s, black and white inmates for the first time were often thrown at each other, and violent conflicts ensued. The Aryan Brotherhood was founded in 1964 in San Quentin State Prison in California and organized a violent black prison gang, the Black Guerrilla Family, becoming the country’s first major white supremacist prison gang.

Today, the Aryan Brotherhood still operates outside of prisons, but because of its white supremacist ideology, it is primarily a criminal enterprise. The original members of the Aryan brothers were Irish bikers who called themselves the Diamond Tooth Gang, with members carrying shards of glass in their teeth. After merging with other white cliques at San Quentin State Prison in California, the Diamond Teeth Gang renamed itself A Bryan Brotherhood.

At the beginning of the 19th century, there were secret societies in India that looked like something out of a horror film. During this time, a criminal secret society called Thuggee was active. These criminal societies were known for the Aryan Brotherhood’s extraordinary lust for murder.

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