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What Is A Sociopath?

Psychopathy is a current field of research and is typically used to describe behaviors in which anti-social personality disorders are violent or criminal in nature. The term is used in criminal proceedings involving people with an antisocial personality disorder. Sociopathy, psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder are sometimes interchangeable, but that is not a good thing,

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What Is Tor?

Beyond personal privacy and censorship, Tor is an important tool for those in oppressed parts of the world who help activists and others reach out to Internet activists they might not otherwise reach. The Tor Onion Router is a network of volunteer servers that provide users with complete anonymity by improving their privacy and security

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What Is A Monarchy?

A monarchy is a form of government in which total sovereignty is invested in a head of state, a monarch, who holds office until death or abdication. Many monarchs invoke the “chosen God” as a justification for their rule, but there are also monarchies that do not consider themselves sovereign, such as the Monarch of

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What Is A Cult?

When people hear the word “cult,” they often think of groups worshiping Satan or participating in evil and bizarre pagan rituals. In fact, a cult in the broadest sense of the word is simply a religious system with certain rites and customs. The word refers to an unorthodox sect whose members distort the original teachings

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What Is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder that includes restricted behavior and a range of symptoms, such as repetitive behavior, and repetitive thoughts. The effects of ASD and the severity of symptoms vary from person to person. It is also more common in girls than boys, with the signs less obvious than in

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What Is HTML?

HTML stands for h – yper – t and is one of the most commonly used languages written for web pages. Hypertext refers to the way in which websites and HTML documents are linked. As markup language, HTML is simply marked with tags that tell the web browser how to structure the text in the

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political terrorism

What Is Terrorism?

Although the use of force is at the of most definitions of terrorism, the choice of a more nuanced definition depends on who makes that definition. Some may think of the perpetrator of terrorist acts, while others reflect on the reasons for such acts. The first thing that comes to mind for health workers is

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What Is Dream Psychology?

The scientific study of dreams, conducted from a cognitive perspective since the 1960s, suggests that dreams have a meaning, as suggested by the old and early psychoanalysts. Freud suggested that they represent unconscious desires, while Jung assumed that dreams are a form of consciousness of which the conscious mind is not aware. The continuity hypothesis

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What Is A Coup?

A coup d’état is usually an illegal and unconstitutional takeover of power by a group of people, such as the military, police, judiciary or other government officials. It is a military coup against an existing government and the result of a violent attack on the government or its leaders. A coup d’état is an act

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What Is A Manifesto?

When a person becomes action-oriented, he / she completes life and uses mental and social factors for the success of psychological contacts. A mindful manifesto instructs the person to carry out, explain and accept the consequences of actions. It may be defined as a declaration of beliefs, objectives or policies expressed during an election, in

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