What is evil mirrors

When talking about mirrors we can never eliminate the spooky element that follows them, as mirrors can only show the truth, so it is a bad omen to see something in a mirror which should not be there, many people believe that mirrors are gateways to other worlds or that they withhold evil entities lurking on the other side waiting for the perfect time to show themselves if you stare too long.

Mirrors are often used for communication with spirits, and they are believed to offer glimpses into other dimensions and might also be considered by some as portals to the spirit world, which we have seen many times in movies and books these stories were influenced by the influence of urban legends and superstitions.

Evil mirrors or superstition

In southern united states they believed that a mirror can trap a dying soul thus covering all reflective surfaces is a must when someone is dying in the household.

In Russian folklore mirrors are associated with evil and they were seen as the invention of the devil and will draw souls out of bodies.

We should also mention the common superstition that when a person who breaks a mirror will receive seven years of bad luck. The reason for this belief is that the mirror is believed to reflect part of the soul and his belief comes from ancient Rome and is linked to the seven years the Romans believed it took for a soul to renew itself. In William Shakespeare’s 1595 play Richard II made the myth that breaking a mirror can bring misfortune very popular.

In ancient Chinese mythology, the story of the mirror kingdom, where creatures are bound by magic to sleep but will one day rise again to do battle with our world, hence seeing strange movements we see in mirrors out of the corner of our eyes is seen as the first sighting of them waking up.

In their earliest creation mirrors were rare and expensive throughout history we could find them made from polished stones in Turkey from 6000BCE and also they could be found in South and Central America from 2000BCE, they were also used in shape of polished bronze discs with handles of ivory, wood, or metal in Egypt as early as 2900BCE and in China from around 2000BCE.
During the mid to late medieval period, these reflective surfaces had mixed fortunes. Their role in divination made them a target for the church as they were associated with demons and evil spirits, therefore they were banned.

Since ancient times, mirrors have been used for magic, scrying, and repelling evil. In recent times though they have been used as tools in psychic development to increase clairvoyance and gaining knowledge of your past lives if you believe in reincarnation.

Mentioning some historic examples that show the important effect mirrors had throughout history could show how important this tool has been to us since its creation.

Catherine de’ Medici (daughter of Lorenzo II de’ Medici and Madeleine de la Tour d’Auvergne, was an Italian noblewoman who became queen of France from 1547 until 1559), is said to have consulted a magic mirror that enabled her to see the future for herself and for France.

Dr. John Dee, the royal magician to Queen Elizabeth I, used a crystal egg and a black obsidian mirror for divination.

It was also speculated that Père Cotton, the confessor of King Henry IV of France had a magic mirror that revealed to him the plots against the king.
Pythagoras of Samos was an ancient Ionian Greek philosopher and founder of psycho galvanism, was said to have a magic mirror that when held to the moon he could see the future in it.

But on the other hand, mirrors may be used to protect against evil, they can reflect the evil eye, in the seventeenth century it was fashionable in Europe to wear small mirrors in hats.

It was also believed that if a girl gazes at the moon’s reflection in her mirror she will learn her wedding day and if such ritual is performed on Halloween night the mirror would reveal a vision of her future husband.

We can’t forget to mention the most famous urban legend regarding mirrors the one involving bloody mary which inspired many horror movies and is well known among teenagers the legend states that if you say her name three times into a mirror, you will be cursed and she will appear to you.
In conclusion, mirror have been fascinating ever since their creation so whether you love them or you are afraid of them, one can never deny their importance in our lives and how much they have affected people throughout the years.

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