About us

Today, the Internet has become a necessity, and not a luxury or an entertainment. The Internet is not a secondary thing, but one of the essentials in the lives of people worldwide.

For us as specialists in the internet marketing field, it is our main source of income. The Internet is definitely used by millions of people in many ways, whether business, researching information or studies. Or buy, sell, trade, social networking, news, entertainment, games … etc, and in many other areas covering all different aspects of life.

The idea of ​​creating this site jumped into our heads, when we discovered that searching for any information in any field through the Internet, sometimes it’s unavailable, or hard to find after a tiring search on search engines. The idea of ​​creating this site was to include all the different information in different fields of interest and search for many people. We decided to provide useful information for those who are looking/searching for.

So, we decided to explain and provide free information in different fields based on “what is” and “How to”. We are welcoming anyone who has useful information or experience that would like to share it, so we can serve the need of many people as possible, to assist them in finding the information they are looking for.

Contact information

If you would like to get in touch with the team, please send a mail to whatisandhowto@devenia.com