How to use mirrors in home decoration

Having mirrors in your home doesn’t have to be for decoration only. Your selection for each mirror must be based on the match between the type/size of a mirror, lights and the space of the room. For example, a mirror makes a small room look bigger and it lightens up a dark place.

The size of the mirror should be proportional to the size of the room, the mirror design should match the decoration of the room and it is necessary to place the mirror in a place that does not disturb the viewer

Hanging up a large mirror on a wall in a slightly inclined position, reflects a larger part of the room.

When installing a mirror on a door, the length of the mirror should be the length of the door to give extra space, taking into account safety standards so that the mirror does not break.

Placing a mirror on the wall of a living room opposite the window, makes you enjoy the advantage of sunlight.

The mirror in a dining room reflects the sparkling of candlelights in a wonderful form.

Glossy cabinets can be placed in a kitchen to increase space, and having mirrors fixed in the kitchen drawers give more space by reflexion.

A mirror in the entrance gives more room and lightning to the place.

Hanging small horizontal mirrors in a narrow corridors, gives a sense of a big space and comfortable movement between rooms.

Having a mirror in a closet also gives the impression of wideness.

A mirror in a neglected or empty corner with a small table and a simple glass vase, provides a view attraction.

Mirrors can be used in the exterior of houses, for a touch of modernity and design excellence.

Using a whole piece of mirrors in the garden gives magnificent reflections to the place

Installing a large mirror in the ceiling or distribute several small mirrors to make the place look higher.

There are some furniture in the house that the mirror is part of, such as tables, serving trays or clocks, which add a more exciting atmosphere to the decoration of the room.

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