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What Is The Mariana Trench?

The Mariana Trench is a deep point in the ocean and one of the largest crescent-shaped trenches on the surface of the Earth. It contains the only known ventilation point where liquid sulfur and carbon dioxide from the vents inflow, an important source of oxygen to which marine life can adapt. Depth is difficult to

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What Is Social Engineering?

Social engineering (CSO) is to gain access to a building, system, or data by exploiting human weaknesses rather than using technical hacking techniques. IT attacks that exploit human psychology can be classified as “social engineering” attacks. The definition of social engineering in IT security is therefore an attack that requires human interaction and manipulation to

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What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical substances that are secreted from the outside by one person and taken up by another person of the same species. Although all animals are known to produce them, their existence in humans is hotly debated, as humans have developed and underestimated their olfactory systems. Pheromones are ecto-hormones, as these hormones normally work

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How To Treat Alopecia?

There are a variety of medications for both men and women to treat hair loss. The most common hair loss medication prescribed to men and women is topical minoxidil (rogaine), which is applied to the scalp in liquid or foam. Possible treatments include topical corticosteroids, topical creams and topical medications for hair loss. Home remedies

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What Is The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ?

You must register with the SEC before you can sell securities offered in interstate trading by mail or over the Internet to investors. You must also register at least two years before the offering of securities to conduct your business. All securities offered for intergovernmental trading by mail and / or the Internet must be

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What Is Alveoli?

The alveoli are balloons – like air sacs that hang at the distal end of the bronchial tree. However, they are most commonly used to describe the smallest of all air sacs in the lungs of mammals, and are therefore more accurately known as pulmonary alvoli. Consequently, there are different names for the different types

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What Is The Book Of The Dead?

European researchers and archaeologists named the sites found in the tombs “Book of the Dead.” The true ancient Egyptian name translates as “Book of those who come forth after the Day.” The ancient Egyptians believed in magic and this book was actually a collection of magical speeches and prayers to be used by the dying

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What Is The Difference Between The Loyalist And The Republican Community In Ireland?

In December 2001, the US State Department listed four Protestant paramilitary organizations as terrorist groups: the Ulster Volunteer Force. The British government decided to divide Ireland into two distinct communities, Protestant and Catholic, after a guerrilla war led by the legendary Irish nationalist Michael Collins, which ruled as a colony for more than a century.

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What Is The Big Bang?

The Big Bang was a cosmic singularity in which space-time and matter themselves were created and the universe began. This model suggests that, starting with a very small fraction of a billion years in the early universe, it expanded into the vast, cold, diffuse universe we see today. The “Big Bang” model is the result

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