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What is The Jewish Kabbalah?

The Jewish mystical and esoteric traditions adopted a language that expanded the philosophical and scientific ideas of their time. This article focuses on identifying and designating three types of tradition within the 13th century Kabbalah, each reflecting a unique attitude to tradition. Kabbalah (also spelled Kabbalah, Kabala, or Qabala and sometimes translated as mysticism or

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What Is Dictionary Attack?

Dictionary attacks are a technique or method used to violate the computer security of password-protected machines and servers. It is an attack vector used by attackers to infiltrate systems that are password protected by merging words from a dictionary to form a password for the system. Dictionary attacks are successful because many users and companies

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What Is Hysteria?

Hysteria is a woman’s disease, a widespread disease in which women exhibit a variety of symptoms, including paralysis, convulsions, and suffocation. It is the first mental disorder attributed to women, first described in the second millennium BC by Freud and considered a female disease. American physicians treated the hysteria in the nineteenth century by diagnosing

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How Does A Vaccine Work?

Vaccinations are effective and offer good protection against many serious diseases. Those who are vaccinated are more likely to be protected against a specific disease. The germs in vaccines can be killed or weakened, but they do not cause disease. Your immune system attacks the harmless forms of bacteria or viruses that cause the disease

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What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS / ME ) are similar to those of other diseases and it is important to consult a general practitioner for a correct diagnosis. Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is considered inaccurate by experts due to a lack of laboratory imaging studies on encephalopathy and because myalgia is not a core

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What Is Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia nervosa, also known as bulimia, is a serious and life-threatening eating disorder. Bulimia is a disturbing mental illness and eating disorder that can have serious and life-long consequences. The onset of the disorder usually occurs in adolescence (13-20 years), and in many cases, after successful treatment and remission with episodic binge-out and cleansing, many

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What Is Brute Force Attack?

Credential Recycling is a kind of brute force attack in which usernames and passwords from other data breaches are reused to infiltrate other systems. A reverse brute force attack uses a common password and attempts to connect the username to the password. Since passwords are one of the most common passwords in 2017, this attack

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What Is Blood Snow?

The term “glacier blood” or “blood snow” sounds like something you would read in a supernatural horror novel. But it is actually a purple phenomenon, a colorful sign of blooming life produced by tiny organisms that inhabit snow-covered mountain habitats. The eerie biological dye has many names – watermelon snow or red snow, for example

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behavioral decision theory

What Is Behavioral Economy?

Behavioral economics examines the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on individual and institution decisions and how these decisions differ from the classical economic theory. Behavioral economics differs from standard economics in that it uses real and complex models of people and it differs from psychology in that it focuses on institutions

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