What is Corona Virus?

Corona virus Infects humans and animals. The new Corona virus has created a state of panic in the whole world because it infected thousands in China and spread to more than about 30 other countries, and it has no treatment so far.

Scientists are making intense efforts and are racing against time in discovering a vaccine to treat this deadly virus.

The first case of corona virus was recorded in 2012 by the World Health Organization, in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The seriousness of the Corona virus is that it affects the upper respiratory tract, and causes a group of diseases that may include pneumonia. Doctors indicate that it may penetrate into the human body, infect the central nervous system and cause long-term neurological disorders.

Corona virus has the ability to change its properties, and therefore it is difficult to fight it, because vaccines and medicines are unable to fight an ever-changing enemy.

Why do people get coronavirus and other disease-carrying viruses?

People get the infection with corona virus and other disease-carrying viruses, when they have a weak immune system. The immune system of the human body is very important for human health, as it is the first blocking wall for all diseases. In general, those with strong immunity are not effected by diseases, and those with weak immunity are vulnerable to infection with viruses, infection and serious diseases.

What is Body Immunity?

The body’s immune system is the solid and strong shield against any disease. It is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work to prevent germs from invading the body, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. If these germs manage to invade the body, the immune system actually attacks them before they multiply and secrete their toxins in the human body.

So, to what extent are you interested in immune your body and making sure to strengthen it?

The answer to that, is actually that there are many people who are underestimating the importance of the immune system of the human body and its role in fighting viruses that invade the human body.

Therefore, it is very important that people to be aware in general of the importance of the immune system in the human body, not just to fight the Corona virus, but also to fight all kinds of different viruses and diseases that may attack the body.

If there is no effective treatment so far for the Corona virus, you need to know that the only treatment that exist and can fight the Corona virus, is the human being’s strong immune system.

The immune system is formed before the birth of the child, which is formed through the antibodies that the mother transmits to the baby and then after birth through breastfeeding, especially the breasts milk that contains High nutrition and antibodies, then begin to feed the child proper immune nutrition, then the child acquires immunity with vaccinations against various diseases.

How to fight the Corona Virus with a strong immune body system?

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