What Is Content Automation?

Content Automation is using technology to produce any type of content, whether that is a trend report, a video marketing resource, or a sports-related game piece, complete with images. In the most basic terms, content automation is the use of digital systems and technology processes that takes care of different aspects of content marketing. Content automation can be defined as part of a digital marketing strategy, as well as Marketing Automation, which allows for integration of emerging technologies like big data or artificial intelligence, in order to automate parts of content creation and content deployment processes. Everything from creating the strategy, content placement, flexing, and analytics can be helped with applying Marketing Automation.

Agile marketing techniques and monitoring has slowly gained traction within the automation process, and it represents todays key advantage in terms of content automation. One of the biggest benefits when it comes to Content Automation for Social Media Marketing is that it allows you to post content at an ideal time, giving you enhanced reach and more time to interact with prospects and customers. Content automation helps you in the organization of your whole content creation process, optimizing your impact on social media marketing, thereby making the best use of your time and resources. In doing this, automation optimizes content creation process, reducing operational costs over a longer period.

Tailwinds allows to automate content publication and sharing, and also helps by automating various tasks related to your content creation, curation, deployment, and promotion. Content marketing automation helps you accomplish tasks without manual intervention, so that you can invest this time in other activities and opportunities that drive revenue.

Content marketing automation can be applied to different cases, including content proofreading, collecting published content, sharing content, tracking and analyzing reader engagement, content optimization, translating content, creating content, content curation, and writing content. Content marketing automation works most effectively when you choose the right tools, which can save your time, eliminating the manual processes in the workflow. The right marketing automation technologies can boost your content strategies reach, giving you greater impact, and providing insights that will help you to further improve.

If you are looking to optimize your workflows and increase ROI from content marketing efforts, start by identifying the time-consuming, repetitive tasks that you can outsource to an automation software. You may also want to take a look at other areas of your content strategy that have room for improvement, and consider trying out automation tools to see if they might be able to help. When you have elements of your content process that are taking a significant amount of time, are repeating themselves, or are expensive, automation could be an ideal solution.

Investing in the right content management system and setting it up correctly can enable you to automate a number of tasks and processes. In fact, most companies begin by automating individual tasks, gradually increasing efforts towards managing large parts of their content processes with automation. Most marketers would not want to automate their entire content creation.

Even if you start your company’s efforts through automation, then bring in a human content creator, you are going to reduce the time spent on that project, leaving you with more time and room to run your content marketing efforts in more efficient ways. With content automation, you can focus time and resources on the core competencies of your team, giving sales and marketing a spotlight, all the while keeping the growth of your company in mind. In fact, with the automation of content scheduling and publishing, marketers can reinvest this time to manage and interact with their communities across social media.

Automation in this space allows marketers to establish a social media publishing schedule, or have one created for them, according to their target audiences, and add new content to the publication queue. Content automation allows for set-up of email follow-ups and reminders, helping the marketing team to track where their leads are within the sales pipeline. Content marketing is a must-have component to moving customers through your marketing funnel, and with ActiveCampaign, you can easily set up full-blown automations that deliver perfect content to them at the exact right moment — scheduled by behavior.

Whether creating promotional content, writing articles, or sharing content to social media, content automation allows marketers to do more with less. Once you integrate automated content marketing into your digital strategy, you will soon see an increase in creativity across your marketing team.

Zapiers content marketing automation workflow takes care of manual tasks, so teams can focus on the creative components. The goal is to automate or schedule any processes related to a content marketing workflow that might be time-consuming, expensive, or unnecessary. While content creation automation has worked in the past for certain types of content, this process is not feasible at this point in time for content that requires human connections, empathy, and meeting marketing goals, such as user engagement and lead generation.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence, such as natural language generation (NLG), allow companies to automate routing tasks in content creation/automation. This automation revolution is now starting to permeate into content marketing, helping automate one of the most critical parts of content marketing, content routing. Content analytics is a crucial component in Content Automation platforms, because it allows you to monitor your content effectiveness on various channels, and optimize the deployment process along the way.

Content automation includes creating content, refreshing existing content, updating content, organizing content, etc. It also helps in repurposing older blog content to create new, compelling content for your social media platforms. Using content automation to generate ideas not only makes your job of creating blog post headlines easier, it also helps you organize, share, and generate content that is on-target for driving more traffic. Most content marketing platforms offer the ability to trial their software for a limited period, so you can understand whether or not it is going to work for you before committing to investing in any specific automation solution.

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