What Is Neopaganism?

What Is Neopaganism?

The term Neopagan refers to various revivalist versions of the Ancient Pagan religions, including, among several other groups, Wicca, Druidry, and Asatru (Modern Nordic Neopaganism). Neopagan religions are known by different names, depending on which … Read more

What Is Esotericism?

What Is Esotericism?

Esotericism refers to the doctrine or practice of knowing the mysteries, or to a state or state of being mysterious. The term may merely refer to any knowledge that is secret or reserved. The term … Read more

What Are The Religious Society of Friends (The Quakers)?

What Are The Religious Society of Friends (The Quakers)?

Sections of the Religious Society of Orthodox Friends Wilburites Conservatives Friends of the Gurneites Friends of the Gurneys United Evangelical Meeting Evangelical Friends International Beaconites General Conference of Hicksite Friends Shows the division of Quakers … Read more

What Is The Seventh Day Adventism? 1

What Is The Seventh Day Adventism?

Many Adventists believe the Bible offers an accurate view of antiquity; Carson for example attributes creationism as the idea that God created the world in six days. Many of the series’s 2,000 visions of the … Read more

What Is Humanism? 2

What Is Humanism?

Humanists regard religion as a religious practice created by man, and they seek to ensure that religion exists to serve human purposes, rather than to dictate them. They seek to eliminate aspects of religious practices … Read more

What Is Demonology? 3

What Is Demonology?

Demonology, as its name suggests, is the study of demons, which raises the question of what demons are. The word itself is derived from the Greek daimon and means “deceptive” (discretio spirituum) or “spirit of … Read more

What Is Judaism? 4

What Is Judaism?

Religious Jews regard the practice of Judaism as an expression of their relationship with God. Judaism, which dates back 3000 years, is one of the oldest and most consistent monotheistic religions. It was born in … Read more

What Is The Book Of Revelation ? 5

What Is The Book Of Revelation ?

The book of Revelation is distinguished by the fact that it is the only book of the Bible whose literary characters are apocalyptic in their entirety. Other visions are the seven-headed harlot of Babylon, who … Read more

What Is Mysticism? 6

What Is Mysticism?

A mystic is essentially a person who seeks a deeper understanding of a transcendent truth that transcends only rational understanding and knowledge. What unites such people is the belief that this transcendental truth exclusively transcends … Read more

What Is Theology ? 7

What Is Theology ?

The word theology literally means the study of the Logos of God (Theos), but the term is also used as a product of thought. Thus, theology is a process, and people engage in theology when … Read more