What Is an NFT? 1

What Is an NFT?

NFTs are digitally unique today and no two NFTs are alike. Although one digital currency is the same as another (or “fungible”), each NFT is a one-time use with a certified owner, even though the … Read more

What Is Modernism? 2

What Is Modernism?

Early modernism in art came with Impressionism, followed by Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, and abstract art. Modernism was influenced by Surrealism, late Cubism (Bauhaus, De Stijl, Dada, and German expressionism), masterful modernist color painters such as … Read more

What Is The History Of The Medici Family? 3

What Is The History Of The Medici Family?

The Medici produced several popes and cardinals as the dominant family in early modern Florence and married in Europe’s Catholic royal houses, which dominated the rule of the city from the early fifteenth century to … Read more

What Is The Italian Renaissance? 4

What Is The Italian Renaissance?

Although the exact impulse for the Italian Renaissance is not known, many scholars believe that the shift was due to the economic instability of the 14th century and the lack of investment opportunities in Italy, … Read more

What Is Romanticism? 5

What Is Romanticism?

Romanticism can be understood not only as a movement but also as an attitude. The artists, poets, and musicians of Romanticism were united by a determination to convey emotions and provoke an emotional reaction in … Read more

What is The Jewish Kabbalah? 6

What is The Jewish Kabbalah?

The Jewish mystical and esoteric traditions adopted a language that expanded the philosophical and scientific ideas of their time. This article focuses on identifying and designating three types of tradition within the 13th century Kabbalah, … Read more

What Is Copy Right? 7

What Is Copy Right?

What is copyright and what does it mean for co-creators to have independent rights to use and license a work? Copyright may sometimes be shared with other creators, each of whom holds a number of … Read more

What Is The Baroque Period? 8

What Is The Baroque Period?

It may seem strange today to compare the greatest masterpieces of music history with misshapen pearls, but the term “Baroque” today simply refers to the period between the 17th and 18th centuries and the early … Read more