How To Travel To Egypt

Hire a guide if you’re traveling alone When I was planning to travel solo in Egypt, I didn’t think about getting a guide. After talking to a few people, I found that Egypt can be unique in that yes, you need a guide, but you still need to be proactive in planning your itinerary.

Indeed, planning a trip to Egypt is a delightful task, not to mention how wonderful it is to travel around Egypt. I know that many people prefer to travel on their own, but this is a country where you will get much more experience when you have someone with you who knows the history, religion and modern culture of the country. While some women may feel intimidated at the thought of visiting Egypt on their own, there are plenty of tours you can take to see this beautiful country.

Whether you’re planning a two-week itinerary or a short trip to Egypt, the country’s transportation system is relatively simple. Visiting Cairo and Egypt from Israel is a popular extension of travel to Israel for many tourists, as there are many tour and transportation options that make visiting Egypt easy and relatively inexpensive. Book a bus Some travelers may find a group bus tour to be a more convenient and hassle-free way to get from Egypt to Israel rather than traveling on their own.

We love renting a car and traveling when we travel, but Egypt is a place where you may need an experienced local driver to help you get around safely. Booking a private tour of Egypt is by far one of the best decisions we can make as Egypt is not an “easy” place by any means. We usually prefer to travel alone rather than through a tour company/travel agency (of course you can try planning a trip to Egypt on your own), but our Egypt private tours are done by our Egypt expert guides and experienced drivers. chaotic traffic. like a pro.

As I said before, I booked a trip to Egypt with Intrepid Travel (that’s it, if you’re interested) and they always hired a local guide as a tour leader for Intrepid Travel (that was. earlier this year, when the tour was scheduled In the Seychelles I decided to give it a try and booked a 12 day trip to Egypt through Intrepid Travel, I wanted to feel safe and thought I would get more out of traveling Egypt with an expert.

I thought I’d help you out by telling you everything you need to know before traveling to Egypt and sharing some Egypt tips to help make your trip easier. If you’re wondering if it’s safe for women traveling alone to travel to Egypt, or if you can take your family to Egypt, or even if you’re thinking about an adventure and moving there, don’t worry: you’ll find it all in this guide. For those planning a future family trip to Egypt, this review can help you imagine how to visit Egypt in the world with your kids. From temples, tombs and a slow trip along the Nile to understanding the subtleties of tourism as the country always tries to take a break, there is a lot to learn and even more to enjoy when traveling to Egypt.

From advising travelers on when and where to go and how to get around, to making responsible travel decisions and tackling common security concerns, this Egypt travel guide will help you do just that. We hope you get a lot of information from our insider guide on how to travel safely in Egypt. Most major tourist sites in Egypt have security checks and road barricades. I encourage you to stay up to date with Egypt news before you travel and check your travel alerts for the latest updates and events.

Of course, women traveling alone in Egypt need to be on the lookout, as cases of rape are more than rare. When it comes to traveling with kids to Egypt, it’s safe but stressful and not as clean as you’d like. If you are an experienced traveler and have been to similar countries like Egypt, then we can say that it can be quite safe now. Returning to the issue of security, one thing you will notice when traveling in Egypt is a strong military presence (Egypt is really like Israel from this point of view!).

This is not to say that the country is always 100% safe, but it is safer than what the media would have you believe. I know Egypt isn’t considered one of the safest places to travel right now (and if you’ve read past US State Department travel warnings about Egypt, you’ll probably be convinced that ISIS will come for you if you set foot in Egypt). Egypt is a place that many single women overlook, but if you ever get the chance, Egypt is one of the most magical places you will ever visit.

When I go back to Egypt I will still hire a tour guide but I will make it clear that I am looking for an escort not a tour guide. If you are traveling with a private guide or a small group, your itinerary, even to some hotels and restaurants, will be pre-approved by the Egyptian Tourism Police. For families, large groups or those who simply prefer or need a private tour for time reasons, Private Tours to Cairo and Egypt offers a personalised approach to travel in Egypt, so while regular itineraries are tried and tested, private tours May vary in content and timing to meet the traveller’s most specific needs. Plan your travel ahead of time to avoid seasonal increases in flights, tours and accommodation as much as possible.

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