How To Make An Apple Cake

I am always happy to have a slice of this simple cinnamon apple pie, with or without a cup of coffee or tea. If you are looking for a quick way to make apple dessert, apple pie will always be your favorite. I love apple desserts and this Upside Down Apple Walnut Pie is an easy dessert from scratch. I love that this apple pie is best served with powdered sugar on top just before slicing and a large scoop of crème fraîche (or whipped cream or Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream) next to it.

You can also bake this Cinnamon Sugar Apple Pie in two 9-inch square tins, but your pie may be a little thinner. While we’ve never officially tested it, it should work for cooking in a different pan, such as a stir-fry pan or donut pan. I like to use a crunchy sweet apple like Honeycrisp for this cinnamon sugar apple pie, but honestly I think any type of apple will do.

Since I cook for my family, I use the apples that I like. I used Northern Spy apples and I confess that I added some cinnamon and sugar. Best of all, no sugar is added to the apples, so it’s very important which apple you choose – choose the dry, sweeter variety… I used Wolf River apples back on the tree in November in Maine, organic.

All six apples are grated with their skins on, saving time and adding nutrients to the pie. This is a very easy apple recipe because all six apples are grated, so use whatever you have on hand. Grated apples add a lot of flavor and help keep the cake super moist. All six apples are a lot of apples and I love the texture and flavor that the grated apple gives to the pie.

This allows you to still have small pockets of juicy apples in the pie, but helps spread the apples out a bit better so you don’t end up with such heavy apple chunks in your pie. Baked apples retain their shape after being cooked, so the pieces of fruit don’t turn into applesauce in the oven. You want firm, sweet apples that will hold their shape in this pie. To ensure there are plenty of apples in each slice of this pie, use a spatula to spread the apples evenly in the prepared pan after pouring the batter.

Add sugar to apples and make extra crumble on top. Use a 10″ mold and 12 Smith apples. If I made it again I would add a little sugar and cinnamon to the apples. To add brightness and get closer to the first cake, I tried whipping the butter and sugar like I did in my recipe for Baked Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts.

I also modified the recipe by slicing up a nice bar of dark chocolate mixed with apples and adding a handful of oats to the top of the crust mixture with more cinnamon. Not only was the flavor note (cinnamon) in the recipe, but the recipe calls for 5 pounds of apples. It’s filled with apples, brown sugar and cinnamon, giving it a rich, spicy flavor. It’s sweet, spicy and has the perfect apple freshness note.

The cake is lightly spiced, with an inner core of thinly sliced ​​tart apples topped with a crumbly oatmeal streusel. You’ve got a melt-in-your-mouth fresh apple pie. This is a real old-fashioned Irish apple pie, baked during the apple harvest season all over Ireland, where every farm has its own version of the recipe.

Chances are you already have everything on hand, making this Cinnamon Sugar Apple Pie the ultimate lazy weekend last-minute treat. This simple apple pie won’t go well with sweet applesauce because too much sugar and not enough liquid is added to the batter, making the pie very thick. Self-rising flour is flour to which yeast and salt have already been added, so there is no need to add them to the recipe. All purpose flour. There are apples in this pie, so you don’t need much flour – just 1 cup.

Simple and good…but I have to admit I add some maple syrup, vanilla, lemon juice and a teaspoon of cornstarch to the apples…it’s also very easy to make this cake vegan and healthy. This time I tried using Pink Lady apples and dusted them with sugar, making sure the excess liquid was drained off after I mixed the juice, sugar and cinnamon well into the apples.

There is a very easy and very good baking recipe that instantly lifts my spirits, and this apple pie recipe does just that. Granny Smith apples are my favorite baked good of any kind, especially in dessert recipes like apple biscotti or baked apples, and the apples really are the star of the show. Apples are so versatile in fall baking, and we certainly love using them in recipes like baked apples, classic apple pie, and of course apple pancakes (our kids’ favorite). This spiced nut butter cake is filled with luscious apple chunks and tangy cinnamon flavors that work together to create a very moist cake.

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