What Is Surfshark?

Surfshark, the company that released its first VPN in 2018, prides itself on being one of the most advanced VPN services in the world. Surfshark promises you one of the most modern services on the market, and that is it. It is the first and only VPN service with a full-fledged – still young – client-side encryption system.

The provider’s simple – to use – app lineup provides kill switch protection and offers a dual VPN protection called MultiHop that directs your Internet connection between two VPN servers and further disguises your real IP address. Meanwhile, the whitelister feature allows users to connect to certain apps and websites via a VPN tunnel, which allows access to the network – connected storage. It has a number of features, including an intelligent DNS system to unlock websites, and a built-in kill switch to ensure your online identity always remains anonymous. The provider’s “whitelsister” function allows users to connect to a specific app or website via a VPN tunnel, which provides access to both the network and the storage connected to it.

Surfshark VPN is best suited for freelancers and small business teams that can use shared logins, but users with large families or small businesses will appreciate its multi-layered security and privacy features. Surfshark’s VPN software creates encrypted tunnels between your device and the Internet, even on public Wi-Fi networks. This prevents websites you visit for your business, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media, from tracking you.

The Great Firewall of China (GFC) blocks China from accessing many of the world’s most popular websites, including Facebook, Google and Twitter. While countries such as China, Turkey and Iran cannot access certain data via your VPN, they can use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to identify and block your use of your VPN. The browser extension Surfshark provides VPNs with convenient access, including the ability to choose which servers in the world they want to use, and other settings. VPN for streaming videos, emails, web browsing, social networks and more, as well as other applications.

The Surfshark extension protects your Internet traffic when you use it, and your desktop downloads are encrypted while your online data comes and goes from your device. Surfshark is a powerful, fully featured VPN that works across multiple platforms and includes unlimited data, bandwidth and device connections. This solution is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and increases your endpoint security. It hides your IP address by masking your geographical location, encrypts your online data even on public networks and is encrypted. It is not necessary that your records of online activity are collected for advertising or other purposes.

So if you want to muscle in on the surfshark, you can choose to rent a VPN service and protect yourself while enjoying the other benefits of this type of service. You can surf the Internet by using a secure, encrypted surfing channel that ensures your privacy. The data transmitted is encrypted, which protects it from prying eyes, but also covers your real IP and offers you one of the greatest anonymity.

You can improve your performance by using VPN Whitelister, which allows you to tunnel only certain programs and websites, while everything else on your computer gets the full bandwidth of your local Internet connection. Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands, where there are no laws on data retention or disclosure. The Company has a strict no-log policy and insists that your online activities are not monitored, logged or in any way disclosed to third parties. Only your e-mail address and billing information are recorded by the company.

Surfshark allows users to connect and use an unlimited number of devices and protects network traffic with AES 256-bit gcm encryption. In “NoBorders” mode, users can successfully deploy their VPN solution in areas that restrict Internet access. The provider operates a no-log VPN, which means that it does not collect information about your browsing history or the bandwidth used. Surfshark also operates private DNS, which provide leak protection and protect against data leaks when using the IPv4 stack.

It is hard to imagine a VPN service that can tick all these boxes and charge only for what Surfshark does. Internet providers will not know that surf shark users are using a VPN because of the company’s camouflage mode. This is called split tunneling from other VPN services and is useful if you do not want to run games or data – heavy apps via a VPN. With unlimited connection, you can log in from anywhere in the world and use the service without being logged in. CleanWeb blocks ad trackers when you browse websites, while Whitelister (available for Windows and Android) allows you to bypass certain apps and websites via the VPN and access them directly from your computer.

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