What is Body Shaming?

Body shaming (or fat shaming) is the same as bullying, whether the bully is in person or online. There is nothing wrong with judging someone negatively on the basis of their appearance. but some people are ashamed of their bodies when they appear overweight or do not fit into the social view of being thin and beautiful. Whether in print, film, television or online, body shaming is not considered acceptable. Our culture loves the ideology of the perfect body, and when you see someone who does not fit the mold, you are seen as a threat to that ideal. The inherent problem with this form of body shamers is that they send out the message that you should not like or accept your body unless it meets a certain standard set by someone else. This means that we should be ashamed of our bodies and keep them private, even though the truth is that bodies come in all shapes and forms and they should be presented in whichever way you feel comfortable. In additional, body shaming involves making assumptions about another person that they often don’t know well, based on the way they perceive their body.

Every person has a different body and constitution, and we must accept this difference. This is what makes us so special, we are all different and everyone behaves differently because of their body. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, accepted, loved and cared for and to take care of themselves. If you feel that you are a critic of others, you could probably benefit from experiencing additional compassion and taking care of your own body. I hope that as we look more closely at how body shaming harms us , we can commit to making our own judgments and work towards creating an environment where people are no longer judged by their appearance. we must work to create an environment where people of all shapes and sizes can love and care for their bodies and themselves.

Whatever shape it takes, body shaming is too hurtful and embarrassing to continue as a way for people to express their hate which is in no way justified. There is nothing wrong with criticizing someone on a negative attitude or action but when it comes to the shape, size or appearance of someone’s body, please remember that it’s not your place to criticize and always remember that people suffering from low self esteem, borderline personality disorder and other mental health problems are more likely to harm themselves because they are ashamed. Although fat shaming and cyber-bullying are not a new concept, people have a long history of making harmful comments about each other’s weight and appearance. It is our mission to create a culture on the internet that celebrates body acceptance and doesn’t support bullying and body shaming. Social media may bear the brunt of the creation of this body culture-shame, bullying against women and people of color it also stems from the ridicule people endure from their parents, friends, family, employers, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers. When you see body shaming online please get active and fight back against physical bullying. Although it is perfectly normal and even common for people to experience some form of self-harm, doubt and shame but sometimes body shaming along side these feelings can become constant and overwhelming. Please try to refrain from cyber bullying “body shaming” by using negative comments about a person’s weight, appearance and/or body type.

A recent study by the Obesity in Action Organization reported that more than a third of girls between the ages of 11 and 21 in the US have experienced bullying. In a 2016 survey of girl’s attitudes, girls aged 11 to 21 said they were held back by their peers and what they could do about it. Bullying in something people often talk about when recovering from an eating disorder, bullying can have a dramatic effect on self-esteem, can lead to serious mental health problems and can even lead to someone taking their own life. Body shaming can have lasting effects, according to The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Body shaming is a widespread and insidious form of bullying that should not be tolerated in our culture. This form of body shaming occurs when someone is criticized for being too thin, but it is still hurtful criticism. It is no better than to criticize someone who is overweight, and it is not as often as to criticize those who are overweight. this does not mean in any way that criticizing someone who is way too thin is good in any way possible.

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