What is a mirror spider?

The mirror spider is one of the fascinating wonders of nature. There is generally insufficient information about the mirror spider, but it lives and is found in Australia and in some Asian countries. In fact, the image of the mirror spider was photographed by photographer Nicky Bay in Singapore.

Imagine this spider who changes shape All the time, is a member of several different species of spider and it carries poison.

A mirror spider, or scientifically known as “Thwaitesia Argentobactata”, is a small creature whose belly is covered by an irregular set of irregular panels that reflect the light falling on them and resemble glass, mirrors, mosaics or sequins from certain angles.

If we want to describe this spider, which is only about 3 mm in length for males, and females are 4 mm. The shape and appearance of the mirror spider may change depending on the circumstances of the environment.

This little creature with shiny silver plates or “sequins” on the belly seems to shrink when threatened. So, the real belly appears not really shiny, but in normal and usual conditions, the panels themselves stretch and expand to turn into what the mirror spider wants, like a full bright and shiny suit.

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