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What Is The Russell 2000?

The Russell 2000 Index, created in 1984 by Frank Russell & Company, is a stock index of 2,000 small companies with capital. The Russell 500 is the S & P 500, which is a benchmark for portfolios with large caps. It consists of over 2,000 publicly traded companies representing a range of sizes from small

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What Is Political Typology?

Political Typology is an attempt to sort Americans into a coherent group based on their values, attitudes, and party affiliations, and to provide insight into the changing political landscape in the US and around the world. The goal of political typology is to move beyond people’s partisan inclinations to gain a better understanding of American

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What Is Antifa?

As the nation grappled with widespread unrest in response to the death of George Floyd in custody, Former President Donald Trump has taken aim at Antifa, blaming it for much of the violence that erupted. There are a number of largely autonomous groups spread across the United States, forming the “alt-right,” a political movement that

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What Is The Black Death?

The Black Death was a plague pandemic that devastated Europe, killing an estimated 75 to 200 million people, and peaked in Europe between 1348 and 1350. Europe experienced the deadliest outbreak of the disease in history when it was struck in 1347 and was one of the most devastating pandemics, killing an estimated 25 to

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