What Is Metaphysics? 1

What Is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with tangible, concrete, empirical forms. For this reason, it is considered a quest for wisdom, since metaphysics involves the search for the meaning of the world, its … Read more

What Is The Big Bang? 2

What Is The Big Bang?

The Big Bang was a cosmic singularity in which space-time and matter themselves were created and the universe began. This model suggests that, starting with a very small fraction of a billion years in the … Read more

What Is The Theory Of Relativity? 3

What Is The Theory Of Relativity?

This is an important building block of modern physics and explains how gravity in space can be based on curves. More precisely, the forces of gravity are connected with the changing geometry of space and … Read more

How To Overcome Social Media Addiction? 4

How To Overcome Social Media Addiction?

Rather than completely retreat from social media, i recommend taking small steps to defuse your own habits. Small steps to help you overcome your addiction include turning off notifications, turning on vibrations, and using a … Read more

How To Stop Procrastinating? 5

How To Stop Procrastinating?

Postponement is a bad habit that can cripple us, frustrate us and be a source of no productivity. When we hesitate, we find distractions, postpone things, hide important work and hide it from ourselves. Instead … Read more

What Are Multiverses? 6

What Are Multiverses?

Different universes or multiverses form the multiverse and together form a universe in which everything exists and is described by physical laws and constants. In ancient Greek atomism, which proposed an infinite parallel world, born … Read more

What Is Quantum Mechanics? 7

What Is Quantum Mechanics?

All this is based on a mathematical framework that was first developed in the 1920s and is one of the most important aspects of quantum mechanics. To understand how things work in the real world, … Read more