What Is Stoicism?

What Is Stoicism?

Stoicism or Stoic philosophy is a philosophy of personal ethics and a methodology for seeking practical wisdom in life. Stoicism or Stoic philosophy was a school of ancient philosophy founded in Athens by the Phoenician … Read more

What Is The Aristotelian Doctrine?

What Is The Aristotelian Doctrine?

Aristotle has developed his view that virtue or perfection consists in the means of observation. In Books II, III, and IV of NE, he discusses many virtues and their corresponding vices, arguing that in each … Read more

What Is Humanism? 1

What Is Humanism?

Humanists regard religion as a religious practice created by man, and they seek to ensure that religion exists to serve human purposes, rather than to dictate them. They seek to eliminate aspects of religious practices … Read more

What is Jainism? 2

What is Jainism?

The distinguishing feature of Jain philosophy is its belief in the independent existence of the soul and matter, the denial of a creative and almighty God combined with a belief in an eternal universe, and … Read more

What Is Confucianism? 3

What Is Confucianism?

Confucianism was rejected by the Qin Dynasty because it was critical of the policies of the dynasties. The philosophy of reform by Confucius was popularized by the philosopher and Confucian scholar Mencius. He traveled from … Read more

What Is Bioethics? 4

What Is Bioethics?

Bioethicists are concerned with the ethical issues arising from the use of animals in biological research, in particular in the field of bioethics and animal welfare. Many religious communities have their own history of investigating … Read more