What is The Jewish Kabbalah? 1

What is The Jewish Kabbalah?

The Jewish mystical and esoteric traditions adopted a language that expanded the philosophical and scientific ideas of their time. This article focuses on identifying and designating three types of tradition within the 13th century Kabbalah, … Read more

What Is Twitch? 2

What Is Twitch?

Amazon’s own live-streaming platform is home to tens of millions of viewers who watch video games and pretty much anything else a person speaks into a microphone. Unlike traditional television, Twitch allows viewers to interact … Read more

What Is Tiktok? 3

What Is Tiktok?

Tiktok is a popular social media app that lets users create, view and share 15-second videos recorded with a mobile phone. The app is an easy-to-use, personalized feed of quirky, short videos, accompanied by music … Read more

What Is Copy Right? 4

What Is Copy Right?

What is copyright and what does it mean for co-creators to have independent rights to use and license a work? Copyright may sometimes be shared with other creators, each of whom holds a number of … Read more