How To Make Lemonade

We haven’t tested lemonade with sugar substitutes or other sweeteners, but feel free to experiment. I also like making homemade lemonade because it gives me the freedom to choose natural sweeteners like maple syrup or honey instead of the white sugar drops and drops that usually come with store-bought varieties. My family prefers freshly squeezed lemonade over store-bought lemonade since we can control the sugar and adjust it to our liking.

All you need to make this freshly squeezed homemade lemonade is a bag of lemons, a simple syrup made in less than 5 minutes, and a pitcher full of water and ice. When you’re ready to serve this easy lemonade recipe, combine simple syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and cold water and serve over ice. Add just the juice to the bottom of the jug, then our simple honey syrup, then fill the rest of the jug with the remaining 5 cups of water.

To make a whole serving of lemonade, pour 7 cups of cold water into a pitcher, add 1 1/2 cups of lemon juice and 1 1/2 cups of cold sugar syrup and stir. Mash the lemon slices and sugar in a large bowl using a potato masher or wooden spoon until the sugar dissolves. If you have time, you can chill the lemon puree and sugar mixture in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Once 1 cup of granulated sugar has completely dissolved in 1 cup of water and the mixture is clear, remove the small saucepan from medium-low heat. Here’s what you’ll do: Take a small saucepan and heat a cup of water and sugar over medium heat until they dissolve. To do this, simply mix equal parts sugar and water in a small saucepan, bring to a boil and stir quickly until the sugar crystals dissolve in the water. To prepare the preparation, combine water and sugar in equal parts and heat in a saucepan on the stove until the sugar is completely dissolved.

A cup of granulated sugar will dissolve completely in the water, so when you mix it with the lemon juice (and the rest of the water), the sweetness will be evenly distributed without any visible sugar grains. In this freshly squeezed lemonade recipe, you’ll find that the optimal ratio is 1 1/4 cups sugar and about 5 lemons. If you want to use regular granulated sugar, brown sugar, or even granulated stevia, try adding 1/2 cup of granulated sweetener before adding the sweetener to taste. Remember that you usually need to heat the water and granulated sweetener first to dissolve the sweetener.

This makes liquid sweetener much easier to mix into drinks than regular sugar, plus you don’t get grainy even when mixing sugar. The last thing you want is gritty lemonade, or one in which the sugar separates and falls to the bottom. When fruit juice is mixed with sugar and water, it becomes something else, like lime and lemonade.

This easy recipe is made with sugar and water, making it an easy and thirst-quenching drink. You only need 3-4 decent sized lemons to get a simple juice (so. This easy homemade lemonade is easy to make too – no need to turn on the stove. You don’t have to pour regular hot syrup into a glass jar) , because the glass will break).

What makes freshly squeezed lemonade so great is that it only takes a few lemons, some sugar, a sharp knife, a juicer, and 10 minutes to make homemade lemonade that’s just as tart, refreshing, and delicious. One sip of lemonade will so outgrow what you buy in a can or mix from a powder that you might even forget there is another way to do it other than just making it fresh. Making lemonade from scratch is much better as it contains no preservatives and you know exactly what happened. You can make ice lemonade the old fashioned way on a tartlet and let guests add sugar if they prefer a sweeter one.

Consider making it a little bigger by turning it into ice cubes for later so your ice doesn’t “water down” your lemonade. Be sure to try the lemonade mix to see how much honey water you need to add to satisfy your taste buds. Try the lemonade and add some lemon juice (for acidity), maple syrup (for sweetness) or water (to dilute the flavor a bit) if you like. The best way to make lemonade is to first make a simple syrup by heating water and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved, then mix it with lemon juice.

Some people just make lemonade by mixing sugar with lemon juice and water, but this can lead to graininess and separation. Simply combine 2 cups of honey and 2 cups of water in a saucepan over medium heat to make a simple syrup and use as much as you can to sweeten your homemade lemonade. Be sure to refrigerate – after mixing, I find that lemonade takes some time to thicken in the refrigerator so the flavors can come together and make the most delicious lemonade. Add more water as needed to achieve desired sweetness and lemon concentration.

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