How do I take care of my skin?

If you have dry skin, including dry skin caused by winter air, you should still exfoliate no more than once a week, but no more than once or twice a day. If you have dry skin (including dry skin caused by the winter air), you can exfoliate as often as you like and still keep your skin dry.

Peeling is used because it removes dead skin cells and increases cell turnover, and most dermatologists will recommend chemical peels to prevent damage to the protective barrier of the skin.

Serum eliminates dead cells, dryness, irritation, acne, wrinkles and other signs of aging

As an optional addition to your skincare routine, serum contains ingredients such as the antioxidant retinol, which supports skin health by soothing redness and improving texture and firmness. The benefits are real as it eliminates dead cells, dryness, irritation, acne, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

This effectively removes dirt, oil and impurities from the skin surface and polishes dead skin with a facial scrub. All skin types can use a rinse – in facial cleanser to intensely cleanse the surfaces of your skin. Now that you know how to recognize the combination of skin and put together a skincare routine for each skin type, it’s time to figure out which skincare products to use.

The thought of washing your face may seem daunting at first, especially after you’ve removed all your make-up, but it’s really not that difficult.

Not caring about your skin can have alarming long-term effects, and this week we look at what happens if you don’t care.

Clarisonic Mia cleans six times better than hands alone

This may be a bit ostentatious, but Clarisonic Mia cleans six times better than hands alone and is said to reduce pores and absorb skincare products better. Use it thoroughly on your entire face every day and you will notice a change in your skin within a week. If it still feels oily, try, if possible, an astringent product that allows the skin to produce even more oil.

The trick is to remove dead skin cells and dirt that block your pores, as well as dead cells or dirt on the skin surface.

Why you don’t want to exfoliate

At the same time, you don’t want to exfoliate, as we have two skin types. If you have combination skin, use a facial scrub that is appropriate for your skin type, but do not skip this step; each skin is different, and it may take a few attempts – and mistakes – to determine how much exfoliation each skin can tolerate.

Combination skin includes those that behave in this way as well as those with normal skin types such as dry, oily, sensitive or dry skin.

Oily skin needs moisturiser

Moisturising the skin is one of the most important steps in the care of oily skin. Most people think they don’t need moisturiser because their skin is already oily or because it just makes the skin oily. Oil – free moisturisers are your best bet because they don’t add any extra smoothness to your already oily T-zone.

If you do not moisturise, your skin gets the signal that it needs moisture and you suffer from cracked skin. By moisturizing, you can actually reduce the oiliness and keep the skin hydrated and at a balanced level. It produces the right amount of moisture to keep the skin supple and the right moisture balance in the T-zone.
Nutrition, moisture and make-up are extremely important to avoid dull and dry skin and maintain a radiant complexion.

Opt for a professional face care seasonally

This is why it is so important to have a well thought-out skincare routine, and during home care, opting for a professional face care seasonally is a great way to ensure you get an extra portion of skin – skincare. A facial treatment that focuses on moisture, such as a facial with a high-end facialist, will ensure that you get the most effective hydration agents that actually penetrate your skin.

The daily care of your skin means taking the time to wash your face every morning and every night. This is because it is absolutely worth your time and energy, and that it makes healthy choices for you during your day.

Put together a skincare routine tailored to your needs

Now that you know how to identify your skin combination, you can put together a skincare routine tailored to your needs. Skin care can be combined with other types of care, such as massages, massage therapies or even with a masseur.

During the day, the surface of your skin is covered with dirt, excess oil and impurities. Wash off with a gentle facial cleaner once a night and cleanse with a facial cleaner that helps to mattify the oily T-zone without drying out the cheeks.

Clean your make-up brush

When you use a make-up brush, it quickly builds up dirt, dirt and oil, which can lead to breakouts. So if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned it, you need to change that.

Applying and massaging in a few drops a day can help, then rinse with warm water and take a shower for super soft skin. Work the product into the skin with a small circular movement for about 30 seconds.

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