How Are You Feeling Today ?

I’m going to write about what I went through today and ask people how they feel and how you feel about it. So here’s how I want you to think about the pattern I usually have. When I say “How do I feel? “Usually people come back and say,” Fine, great, tired, ready “or” I feel good.

There are a lot of common answers that are “OK, okay, tired, ready,” but one that I found really fascinating.

It is easy, especially with people close to you, to keep asking yourself questions about how you are really doing. What I have found helpful in terms of connection is to offer others how I feel to them when they ask me what it is like. The people in your life who ask you, “How are you?,” tell you how they are really doing, and that helps.

When someone comes into your house, ask them a simple question by making eye contact and asking: “How are you? This way you can connect with the truth and authenticity of where you are emotionally, they tell you. Ask people close to you and that will immediately deepen the conversation.

If you don’t have intimacy, it might feel a bit uncomfortable, but the question is simple. Think of it as a patterned answer that enlivens everything and makes everything more interesting.

When you ask this question, I like the term “making eye contact,” and one of the things you can play with is making eye contact – contact now that you have asked the question. When you say “How are you feeling right now,” you get a little bit more out of your feeling, but not too much.

When I ask you about a conference, I should say: ‘How are you doing with the conference’, because you may refer to it. When I ask you how you feel or how you feel, your brain goes there immediately, but when you go inside, how are you?
It is much more interesting to learn about the experience of what you are going through than to be at a conference, because it is a different kind of experience from the one you are in.

The app encourages you to update your status throughout the day with personalized notifications, and users can also see how people feel around them and how many people have checked in each day.

If you start to accept and understand your emotions and understand them instead of suppressing them, you will be able to stay true to your desires and dreams.

Surprisingly, one girl replied with the words: “The beauty of a person lies in his soul” . As for the opposite – sexual attraction, think more about the attributes you like about that person and what you don’t.

Do you really want to go through a litany of symptoms, aches and pains, or do you like the idea of going through them? Anyone who does not understand or agree with the views of others should question them, even if they are open to understanding the opposite argument.

As most of us know, pain behaves like this by showing its face, and our time together inevitably begins on a negative note. At some point you know how you feel when you have less pain and you get a lot more information. He would then tell you one of many adjectives that fit the description of “lousy.”

Anger is a normal feeling that can help when a situation has become toxic, but many people see it as something negative. There are a number of ways to deal with anger, many of which can cause problems, and anger is one of them. If you feel frustrated and create distance between yourself and the situation that is upsetting you, it helps to avoid moments of reaction or tantrums.

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