How Does A Vaccine Work? 1

How Does A Vaccine Work?

Vaccinations are effective and offer good protection against many serious diseases. Those who are vaccinated are more likely to be protected against a specific disease. The germs in vaccines can be killed or weakened, but … Read more

What Is Anemia? 2

What Is Anemia?

Anemia is a disease that occurs when the red blood cell count (hemoglobin) is lower than normal. This is because anemia occurs when your body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. Iron deficiency … Read more

What Is Keratosis Pilaris? 3

What Is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that causes small bumps and blotches, but those who may suffer from it know how harmless it is. Keratosis Pilaris occurs when a protein in the skin, called keratin, … Read more