How To Summarize A Book? 1

How To Summarize A Book?

In summarizing, one cannot rely on the language the author has used to develop his points; one must find a way to give an overview of these points without making one’s sentences too general. There … Read more

What Are DeepFakes? 2

What Are DeepFakes?

Imagine a dark web economy, where specialists produce misleading content that can be posted on the Internet to influence everything from car purchases to political candidates who receive votes. Deepfake is a type of fake … Read more

What Is The Glossolalia? 3

What Is The Glossolalia?

The word Glossolalia is a Greek compound word that consists of glossa, which means tongue (Strong Concordance, G1100). The phenomenon known as “speaking in tongues” occurs primarily in Pentecostal and charismatic backgrounds. The “glossolia” is … Read more

What is Culture? 4

What is Culture?

A culture is a group of people who accept behaviors, beliefs, values and symbols in general without thinking about them. It is an integrated group of beliefs and values that can be passed from one … Read more

figurative language

What Is Figurative Language?

In a narrow definition, figurative language refers to a language that uses a word in a way that deviates from its literal interpretation to achieve more complex and powerful effects. When people use the terms … Read more