What Is The Fake War?

What Is The Fake War?

The period of the “fake war” of England and France against Germany ended, the period when the war was declared, the troops were concentrated, but no active hostilities were carried out. Despite this, the British … Read more

What Is The Queen Anne's War? 1

What Is The Queen Anne’s War?

Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713) was the North American scene of the War of Spanish Succession, also known as the British colonials, the second in a series of French and Indian wars fought between France, England, … Read more

What Is The Treaty of Versailles? 2

What Is The Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles signed in June 1919 in Versailles Palace in Paris to end the First World War codified the peace terms between the triumphant Allies and Germany. The treaty was one of several … Read more

What Is The Sino-Japanese War? 3

What Is The Sino-Japanese War?

The First Sino-Japanese War (May 25 — April 17, 1895 ) was a conflict between the Qing dynasty in China and the Japanese Empire over the influence of Joseon Korea. It was a great battle … Read more

What Are The Catacombs? 4

What Are The Catacombs?

Exploring the Depths: The Fascinating Realm of Catacombs Imagine descending beneath the bustling streets of a city, leaving behind the sunlight and noise, and entering a world of darkness and echoes. This journey takes us … Read more

What Is The Guillotine? 5

What Is The Guillotine?

The guillotine is one of the oldest and most popular methods of execution in the world, as it was worn out during the French Revolution and the reign of terror. Since the Middle Ages, various … Read more