What Is Menticide (Brainwashing)? 1

What Is Menticide (Brainwashing)?

Menticide: The Complex Phenomenon of Brainwashing Menticide, commonly known as brainwashing, is a multifaceted psychological process that involves manipulating an individual’s thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors through a range of systematic and often coercive techniques. This … Read more

What Is Brain Washing? 2

What Is Brain Washing?

Brainwashing is also a term used by cults to attack religions, many of which are cult-like in nature, but whose religion differs from the basic dogma of their own. Anti-cult organizations have a cult mentality … Read more

What Is Emotional Abuse? 3

What Is Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse is extremely dangerous and harmful to a person’s well-being, and often has lifelong psychological effects. The abusive partner uses emotional abuse to gain and maintain power in the relationship, and their behavior is … Read more