What Is Fanaticism? 1

What Is Fanaticism?

Fanaticism is used in some cases as an adjective to describe the nature of certain behaviors that people recognize as cultic. Fanaticism can be described as passionate and unconditional adherence caused by excessive enthusiasm or … Read more

What is Jainism? 2

What is Jainism?

The distinguishing feature of Jain philosophy is its belief in the independent existence of the soul and matter, the denial of a creative and almighty God combined with a belief in an eternal universe, and … Read more

What Is Confucianism? 3

What Is Confucianism?

Confucianism was rejected by the Qin Dynasty because it was critical of the policies of the dynasties. The philosophy of reform by Confucius was popularized by the philosopher and Confucian scholar Mencius. He traveled from … Read more

What Is Blasphemy? 4

What Is Blasphemy?

Blasphemy is the act of contempt that expresses a lack of reverence for God or claims the attributes of a deity considered sacred, such as belief in the existence of God. In some cases, blasphemy … Read more

What Is Judaism? 5

What Is Judaism?

Religious Jews regard the practice of Judaism as an expression of their relationship with God. Judaism, which dates back 3000 years, is one of the oldest and most consistent monotheistic religions. It was born in … Read more

What Is Being Agnostic? 6

What Is Being Agnostic?

The term serves as a broad category that includes people of all races, classes, and walks of life, with agnostics being people who believe or do not believe in a higher power, and theists and … Read more

What Is Atheism? 7

What Is Atheism?

Atheism in the broadest sense refers to belief in the non-existence of God, or more precisely, the absence of a God. Atheists firmly deny the existence of any god or any form of deity and … Read more

What Is Paganism? 8

What Is Paganism?

The negative association of paganism stems from the belief in all the great monotheistic religions of the world. The term helped to remove the modern connotation of “paganism” from its original meaning for people who … Read more