What Is Fanaticism? 1

What Is Fanaticism?

Fanaticism is used in some cases as an adjective to describe the nature of certain behaviors that people recognize as cultic. Fanaticism can be described as passionate and unconditional adherence caused by excessive enthusiasm or … Read more

What Is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)? 2

What Is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)?

While one can joke about it or take it lightly, premenstrual syndrome, or what might be called PMS, is an official syndrome consisting of symptoms related to the monthly menstrual cycle. PMS refers to the … Read more

What Is Pro Ana? 3

What Is Pro Ana?

A young person who feels dissatisfied with his body and believes he may have symptoms of anorexia can type “anorexia” into a search engine and come across websites promoting the disease as a lifestyle. Websites … Read more

What Is Psychotherapy? 4

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is able to treat mental health problems by talking to you about your states, moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. It helps you take control of your life and respond to challenging situations with healthy … Read more

What Is Behavioral Addiction? 5

What Is Behavioral Addiction?

Behavioral addiction is an addiction to an activity that has nothing to do with alcohol or drug use. It is characterized by non-substance-related behaviors and the ability to experience negative consequences of these behaviors. One … Read more

What Is Gestalt Psychology? 6

What Is Gestalt Psychology?

Gestalt psychology, which emerged from the work of Max Wertheimer, was partly a reaction to Wilhelm Wundt’s structuralism. This school of psychology has played an important role in the development of modern psychology, especially in … Read more

What Is Stalking? 7

What Is Stalking?

Stalkers destroy the sense of security of their victims and lead them to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety. The most intimidating and aggravating crimes include harassing phone calls, emails, text messages … Read more