What Is Twitch? 1

What Is Twitch?

Amazon’s own live-streaming platform is home to tens of millions of viewers who watch video games and pretty much anything else a person speaks into a microphone. Unlike traditional television, Twitch allows viewers to interact … Read more

What Is Discord? 2

What Is Discord?

Discord is an app similar to Slack or Skype, which can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer and allows users to chat with text, voice and video. Originally created as a … Read more

What Are DeepFakes? 4

What Are DeepFakes?

Imagine a dark web economy, where specialists produce misleading content that can be posted on the Internet to influence everything from car purchases to political candidates who receive votes. Deepfake is a type of fake … Read more

What Is Netflix? 5

What Is Netflix?

Netflix has become the undisputed king of streaming, pouring huge sums into original TV series and movies. If you’re asked to recommend movies, TV shows and original series on a video platform, Netflix is a … Read more

What Is Mukbang? 6

What Is Mukbang?

The word “mukbang” is a mash of Korean words, and if you’re unfamiliar with the video genre, it’s often live footage of a host eating plenty of food on camera while interacting with his audience. … Read more