What Is Menticide (Brainwashing)?

What Is Menticide (Brainwashing)?

The dictionary definition of a menticide is to destroy or undermine the independence of one’s mind to change one’s beliefs. The contemporary words brainwashing, mind control, and menticide are meant to give some indication of … Read more

What Is Anti-Historicalism?

What Is Historicalism?

Historicalism is somewhat obscure as a term, but one does occasionally come across it in philosophy, especially when discussing theories of history and its nature. What is called 19th-century historicalism is, often, actually a brand … Read more

What Is Authoritarianism? 1

What Is Authoritarianism?

Authoritarian government is a system in which political power condenses into one or more figures of authority. Authoritarian governments are created by democratic means, in which a particular leader or party is elected and power … Read more

What Is Plutocracy? 2

What Is Plutocracy?

Plutocracy is an old biblical proverb about rich nations trying to rid themselves of any change that upsets their empire and creates plutocrats. Plutocracy, or “plutarchy,” is a society governed and controlled by the people … Read more