What Is Pseudoscience?

Pseudoscience or false science is an idea that looks like science but is not and is considered immoral by scientists because their claims are unproven and sometimes presented as fact or real. Essentially, pseudoscience is any claim about how nature works that is generally not accepted as true by the established scientific community. The average

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How To Summarize A Book?

In summarizing, one cannot rely on the language the author has used to develop his points; one must find a way to give an overview of these points without making one’s sentences too general. There is a difference between summarizing a text or distilling it into its essential terms in one or two paragraphs. Summaries

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What Is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is a broad field defined by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a field of psychology that specializes in the treatment of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Clinical psychologists are trained to assess, identify, and treat a full range of psychological diagnoses, including those considered the most

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What Is Dunbar’s Number?

The number Dunbar proposed, 150, has since been known as “Dunbar’s number.” In 1992, the hypothesis was put forward that there are a number of stable relationships that can be maintained by a person. On the other hand, it was questioned whether Dunbar’s number indicated a cognitive limit to network size. Facebook users now have

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What Is Bioethics?

Bioethicists are concerned with the ethical issues arising from the use of animals in biological research, in particular in the field of bioethics and animal welfare. Many religious communities have their own history of investigating bioethical issues and have developed different approaches to dealing with these issues. In 1926, it was coined by Fritz Jahr,

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