What Is Quantum Suicide?

What Is Quantum Suicide?

Quantum Suicide: A Mind-Bending Thought Experiment on the Nature of Reality The Many-Worlds Interpretation: The many-worlds interpretation proposes that every quantum event leads to the creation of multiple parallel universes, each representing a different possible … Read more

What Is The Big Bang? 1

What Is The Big Bang?

The Big Bang was a cosmic singularity in which space-time and matter themselves were created and the universe began. This model suggests that, starting with a very small fraction of a billion years in the … Read more

What Is Quantum Mechanics? 2

What Is Quantum Mechanics?

All this is based on a mathematical framework that was first developed in the 1920s and is one of the most important aspects of quantum mechanics. To understand how things work in the real world, … Read more

What Is Quantum Physics? 3

What Is Quantum Physics?

Quantum mechanics is one of several related disciplines, including condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, and quantum optics. It also forms the basis for how we can analyze and explain the nature of matter, energy, space, … Read more

What is Quantum Computing? 4

What is Quantum Computing?

Google has reached this milestone against the backdrop of a more sobering reality: gate-based quantum computers like the one at the University of California, Berkeley can only muster up to 50 qubits. They work with … Read more