What Is Menticide (Brainwashing)?

What Is Menticide (Brainwashing)?

The dictionary definition of a menticide is to destroy or undermine the independence of one’s mind to change one’s beliefs. The contemporary words brainwashing, mind control, and menticide are meant to give some indication of … Read more

What Is Project MkUltra? 1

What Is Project MkUltra?

Project MKUltra (MK-Ultra) was a code name given to an illegal experimental program designed and conducted by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It was organized by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence and coordinated … Read more

What Is Brain Washing? 2

What Is Brain Washing?

Brainwashing is also a term used by cults to attack religions, many of which are cult-like in nature, but whose religion differs from the basic dogma of their own. Anti-cult organizations have a cult mentality … Read more