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What Is Pseudoscience?

Pseudoscience or false science is an idea that looks like science but is not and is considered immoral by scientists because their claims are unproven and sometimes presented as fact or real. Essentially, pseudoscience is any claim about how nature works that is generally not accepted as true by the established scientific community. The average

artificial divination

What Is Divination?

Fortune telling, as defined by Baker in the Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, is the process of determining the knowledge of a deity, leading to clarification, decision, and discernment of the future. Two forms of divination have developed, one through inductive manipulation of natural human phenomena and the other through the intuitive form of inner


What Is Necromancy?

Necromancy is fortune telling and black magic that communicates with the dead to predict future events and discover hidden knowledge. The purpose is to communicate as a spirit or apparition by restoring a dead person. Normally, he is summoned by the spirit of an Annapolis resident and his body is raised from the grave. Necromancy

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