What Is Demonology? 1

What Is Demonology?

Demonology, as its name suggests, is the study of demons, which raises the question of what demons are. The word itself is derived from the Greek daimon and means “deceptive” (discretio spirituum) or “spirit of … Read more

What Is Judaism? 2

What Is Judaism?

Religious Jews regard the practice of Judaism as an expression of their relationship with God. Judaism, which dates back 3000 years, is one of the oldest and most consistent monotheistic religions. It was born in … Read more

What Is Being Agnostic? 3

What Is Being Agnostic?

The term serves as a broad category that includes people of all races, classes, and walks of life, with agnostics being people who believe or do not believe in a higher power, and theists and … Read more

What Is Atheism? 4

What Is Atheism?

Atheism in the broadest sense refers to belief in the non-existence of God, or more precisely, the absence of a God. Atheists firmly deny the existence of any god or any form of deity and … Read more

What Is Sufism? 5

What Is Sufism?

Although there are other approaches to the term Sufi, it is believed that the word derives from the Arabic word suf, which refers to the wool traditionally worn by mystics and ascetics. Sufism is best … Read more

What Is An Occult? 6

What Is An Occult?

Occultism is a general term that describes the various theories and practices associated with the practice of the occult, such as magic, mysticism, necromancy and other occult practices. In the Western world, occultism usually evokes … Read more

What Is Theology ? 7

What Is Theology ?

The word theology literally means the study of the Logos of God (Theos), but the term is also used as a product of thought. Thus, theology is a process, and people engage in theology when … Read more