What Is Demonology? 1

What Is Demonology?

Demonology, as its name suggests, is the study of demons, which raises the question of what demons are. The word itself is derived from the Greek daimon and means “deceptive” (discretio spirituum) or “spirit of … Read more

What Is A Dream Catcher? 2

What Is A Dream Catcher?

The Native American Dream Catcher (or Dreamcatcher) was invented by a group of native American Indians from Woodland. Dream catchers look like a spider web and are constructed from wooden hoops attached to a woven … Read more

What Are Jinns? 3

What Are Jinns?

A jinn is a being of flame and air, which is able to take on human or animal form and supposedly dwells under the earth, air and fire. The Jinn is also called genius and … Read more