How To Practice Shadow Work?

Shadow work is that it is not about reaching a higher state of consciousness, but about aligning oneself. I think shadow work increases your frequency, which means that you will be attracted to better things and your dreams will manifest more easily due to the law of attraction. Most people find that mindfulness helps, and

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artificial divination

What Is Divination?

Fortune telling, as defined by Baker in the Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, is the process of determining the knowledge of a deity, leading to clarification, decision, and discernment of the future. Two forms of divination have developed, one through inductive manipulation of natural human phenomena and the other through the intuitive form of inner

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ancient legend

What Is A Dream Catcher?

The Native American Dream Catcher (or Dreamcatcher) was invented by a group of native American Indians from Woodland. Dream catchers look like a spider web and are constructed from wooden hoops attached to a woven web or loose web, as in the spider web design. The dream catcher is supposed to protect a person from

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What Is Rem Sleep?

Rem sleep is characterized by rapid eye movements and closed eyelids. Today we report that the brain can be as active during sleep as it is when awake, and dreams are most vivid during sleep. This also explains why REM sleep also affects the body in terms of its effects on the heart, brain and

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