How To Summarize A Book?

In summarizing, one cannot rely on the language the author has used to develop his points; one must find a way to give an overview of these points without making one’s sentences too general. There is a difference between summarizing a text or distilling it into its essential terms in one or two paragraphs. Summaries

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What Is Copy Right?

What is copyright and what does it mean for co-creators to have independent rights to use and license a work? Copyright may sometimes be shared with other creators, each of whom holds a number of rights to use and license the work, but not all of them. Copyright confers on the owner the right to

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Gothic literature

What is Goth Literature?

Stories of love, death and supernatural elements paved the way for a fictional genre that has since been explored in a variety of genres from science fiction to fantasy to horror. These books by successful authors published over half a century ago, provide an insight into the world of horror, fantasy, horror literature and horror

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What is speed reading?

Speed reading is a capability that allows you to dramatically increase your word speed – per minute – improve and maintain your level of understanding, which will help you manage your working hours. An efficient speed reader can read the same text in half the time or even faster. The art of speed reading is

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