What Is The Aristotelian Doctrine?

What Is The Aristotelian Doctrine?

Aristotle has developed his view that virtue or perfection consists in the means of observation. In Books II, III, and IV of NE, he discusses many virtues and their corresponding vices, arguing that in each … Read more

What Is Idealism? 1

What Is Idealism?

Idealism refers to any approach in international politics that seeks to advance certain ideas or moral objectives, for example, to make the world a more peaceful place. Idealism is often used interchangeably in the theory … Read more

What Is Metaphysics? 2

What Is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with tangible, concrete, empirical forms. For this reason, it is considered a quest for wisdom, since metaphysics involves the search for the meaning of the world, its … Read more

What Is Plutocracy? 3

What Is Plutocracy?

Plutocracy is an old biblical proverb about rich nations trying to rid themselves of any change that upsets their empire and creates plutocrats. Plutocracy, or “plutarchy,” is a society governed and controlled by the people … Read more