What Are Sweatshops?

A sweatshop is a factory where workers have to endure poor working conditions, long working hours, low wages, and other violations of labor rights. Sweatshops are workplaces where workers are employed for low wages in … Read more

Population Control

What Is Population Control?

Human population planning/control is a means of controlling the growth rates of the human population. Human population control is the practice of changing the growth rate of the human population by imposing limits on population … Read more

What Is Egalitarianism? 1

What Is Egalitarianism?

An egalitarian is someone who claims that all people should be treated equally and should have the same basic value and dignity, which is considerable. Those who believe that equality is a form of justice … Read more

What Is Monomania? 2

What Is Monomania?

The dictionary definition of monomania is an excessive intellectual preoccupation with a thing or idea. The term “monomania” originated from the Greek word monos, which refers to mania, but also to an agitated state. The … Read more

What Is The Seventh Day Adventism? 3

What Is The Seventh Day Adventism?

Many Adventists believe the Bible offers an accurate view of antiquity; Carson for example attributes creationism as the idea that God created the world in six days. Many of the series’s 2,000 visions of the … Read more