September 2021

How To Know If Your Child Is An Addict?

It can be alarming for families when they discover that their son or daughter is addicted to drugs. One thing that does not come up to parents when they imagine their children’s future is the possibility that their child will grow up addicted to drugs or alcohol. In the addiction of a loved one, it

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biblical christianity

What Is The Urantia Book?

The Urantia Book claims to be a new revelation of Jesus’ life and teachings based on the reality of the new testament. It is not a new religion, but rather a modern, epochal revelation aimed at bringing together modern science, religion, and philosophy into a more comprehensive new understanding of reality. Skeptical claims of spiritual

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academic elitism

What Is Elitism?

The fundamental normative question underlying elite theory is whether the relative power of a group exceeds that of its relative size (i.e., whether the relative power of a group exceeds that of its relative size). Resistance to elitism includes egalitarianism, populism, and the political theory of pluralism. Elites tend to favor social systems such as

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