August 2021

abstract art

What Is Modernism?

Early modernism in art came with Impressionism, followed by Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, and abstract art. Modernism was influenced by Surrealism, late Cubism (Bauhaus, De Stijl, Dada, and German expressionism), masterful modernist color painters such as Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard, and abstraction artists like Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky in the 1920s and 1930s paintings

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What Is Humanism?

Humanists regard religion as a religious practice created by man, and they seek to ensure that religion exists to serve human purposes, rather than to dictate them. They seek to eliminate aspects of religious practices that turn out to be inhuman or dehumanizing and to restore, affirm and promote human prosperity. The term “humanism” is

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American continent

What Are The Carnatic Wars?

The Carnatic Wars involved many independent rulers and their vassals in a territorial succession conflict including diplomatic and military battles between the French East India Company and the British East India Company. The British and French went to war for the succession to the Austrian throne and to expand their colonies on the American continent.

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What Is The History Of The Medici Family?

The Medici produced several popes and cardinals as the dominant family in early modern Florence and married in Europe’s Catholic royal houses, which dominated the rule of the city from the early fifteenth century to 1737. Family members from the Tuscan village of Cafaggiolos lost their influence in the late 14th century when Salvestro de

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What Is Populism?

Populism has taken many forms in America, from popular agricultural parties in the late nineteenth century to the 2016 presidential election. The term “populism” has been used for both democratic and authoritarian movements. In an idealistic approach, the term is applied to political groups or individuals who appeal to the people and compare them to

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Chinese banner

What Is The Eight Banner System?

The central core of the Qing Dynasty military was the eight-banner system. It was Nurhaci’s successor who integrated allied and conquered Mongolian tribes into the system. The eight banners were an important system in the first centuries of Qing’s rule, but their military effectiveness weakened over time. Nurhaci created the Eight Banner System in 1615,

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14th century

What Is The Italian Renaissance?

Although the exact impulse for the Italian Renaissance is not known, many scholars believe that the shift was due to the economic instability of the 14th century and the lack of investment opportunities in Italy, prompting wealthy individuals to finance the arts. The teachings of classical antiquity (Greek and Roman sculpture, architecture, and literature) did

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English settlers

What is King Philip’s War (Metacomet war)?

As trade partnerships collapsed and English settlers invaded Native American territory, the Wampanoag, Nipmuc, Pocumtuck, and Narragansett tribes spearheaded the last major efforts of the Native Americans in southern New England to expel the settlers. Tensions rose, and the natives of eastern New England began to attack the colonies as enemies of the natives. Colonial

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What Is The Romanov Dynasty?

During the reign of the Rurik dynasty which died with the death of Tsar Feodor in 1598, the Romanov family became a boyar, the highest rank of the Russian nobility in the Grand Duchy of Moscow and in Tsarist Russia. Russia experienced 15 chaotic years after the death of Fedor, the last ruler of the

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What Is The Battle Of Zorndorf?

The Battle of Zorndorf, which took place on August 25, 1758, during the Seven Years War, was fought between Russian troops under command of Count Wilhelm Fermor and a Prussian army under the control of King Frederick the Great, the battle was unsuccessful with both armies holding up and winning victory. East of the Oder

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