July 29, 2021

anti semetic

What Is The Aryan Race?

More than a century after the defeat of Nazism and fascism the extreme right now challenges the liberal order of Western democracies. The outbreak of neo-Nazism and white supremacy in some countries has exposed the public symbol of the concept and ideology that originated in Nazi Germany and fascist movements of the Holocaust era. The

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What Is The Sino-Japanese War?

The First Sino-Japanese War (May 25 — April 17, 1895 ) was a conflict between the Qing dynasty in China and the Japanese Empire over the influence of Joseon Korea. It was a great battle with troop movements from 1 August 1894 to 17 April 1895 in Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan, and the Yellow Sea, which

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What Is The Korean Independence Movement?

Korea was placed under military rule by Japan in 1905 and annexed in 1910 as part of Japan’s 35-year imperialist expansion. Japanese colonization, Korean independence, and Japan’s annexation of Korea in August 1910 led to reforms aimed at integrating Koreans into Japanese culture. These reforms included the systematic destruction of Korean historical books and literary

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