July 2021


What Is Trotskyism?

Leon Trotsky regarded himself as an orthodox Marxist-Leninist or Leninist and advocated the establishment of an avant-garde party that would use all necessary means to impose socialism. During his early involvement in Russian socialist politics, Trotsky with Vladimir Lenin clashed over the organization of revolutionary parties, but such clashes served Stalin well since he portrayed

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What Is The Cold War?

From 1946 to 1991 the United States, the Soviet Union, and their allies were locked into a long, tense conflict known as the Cold War. Historians disagree on a date, but it is widely believed that the 1947 Truman Doctrine war lasted until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Although the parties were nominally

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anti semetic

What Is The Aryan Race?

More than a century after the defeat of Nazism and fascism the extreme right now challenges the liberal order of Western democracies. The outbreak of neo-Nazism and white supremacy in some countries has exposed the public symbol of the concept and ideology that originated in Nazi Germany and fascist movements of the Holocaust era. The

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What Is The Sino-Japanese War?

The First Sino-Japanese War (May 25 — April 17, 1895 ) was a conflict between the Qing dynasty in China and the Japanese Empire over the influence of Joseon Korea. It was a great battle with troop movements from 1 August 1894 to 17 April 1895 in Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan, and the Yellow Sea, which

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What Is The Korean Independence Movement?

Korea was placed under military rule by Japan in 1905 and annexed in 1910 as part of Japan’s 35-year imperialist expansion. Japanese colonization, Korean independence, and Japan’s annexation of Korea in August 1910 led to reforms aimed at integrating Koreans into Japanese culture. These reforms included the systematic destruction of Korean historical books and literary

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What Is The Rajneesh Movement?

The Rajneesh movement, a cult, has been controversial since its inception in the 1970s when the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh later became known as Osho urged people to free themselves from all their worldly possessions. The movement grew out of its founders “antagonism to traditional moral values in India but gained steam in America

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What Is The Order Of The Solar Temple?

The cult name goes back to the International Chivalrous Organization of the Solar Tradition, also known to its friends as the Order of the Sun Temple, and there is a lot going on in this organization. It is one that revolves around apocalyptic principles that end in mass murder and suicide, and I hope you

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What is Jainism?

The distinguishing feature of Jain philosophy is its belief in the independent existence of the soul and matter, the denial of a creative and almighty God combined with a belief in an eternal universe, and a strong emphasis on nonviolence, morality, and ethics. The word Jain is derived from the Sanskrit word Jina and means

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What Is Yiguandao?

Yiguandao is a popular religious movement in Taiwan that originated in China in the early 20th century and includes an innovative synthesis of Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist teachings, sectarian traditions, and popular religious influences (Jordan and Overmyer, 1986; Lu, 2008; Billioud, shortly). It means “consistent way” or “persistent way” and is a Chinese folk religious

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african nationalism

What Is The Rastafari Movement?

The word Rastafari refers to a creed, religion, movement, or organization. Many Rastas reject the term “Rastafari” as a religion and instead refer to it as a way of life, philosophy, or spirituality. Some scholars emphasize their political stance in support of African nationalism and Pan-Africanism and call it either a political movement (political-religious movement)

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