March 6, 2021

corona virus

What Is The Difference Between A Pandemic And An Epidemic?

Epidemic is called a pandemic, an outbreak of a disease that is normally expected to cause serious health problems for people in a certain country. Outbreak is defined by the same definition as epidemic, but is often used to describe a more limited geographical event. Pandemic is a rapidly spreading epidemic that usually affects a

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What Is Gestalt Psychology?

Gestalt psychology, which emerged from the work of Max Wertheimer, was partly a reaction to Wilhelm Wundt’s structuralism. This school of psychology has played an important role in the development of modern psychology, especially in the psychology of mind and behavior. While Wundt was interested in breaking down psychological matter into its smallest possible parts,

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What Is Sufism?

Although there are other approaches to the term Sufi, it is believed that the word derives from the Arabic word suf, which refers to the wool traditionally worn by mystics and ascetics. Sufism is best described as “Islamic mysticism or asceticism,” whose beliefs and practices help Muslims to attain closeness to Allah through direct personal

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